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Earlier this year, the organisers of Glastonbury Festival had to cancel the festival, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Following the announcement however, co-organiser Michael Eavis mentioned that they would try to arrange a smaller event in September and now, Emily Eavis uses Instagram to announce that this might actually come true!

They are, in fact, applying for a licence for a two-night concert and another to open the Worthy Farm as a campsite this September. 

Below, the announcement by Eavis:

One from the vaults… who remembers the year? For those asking for an update on our plans later this year, we have put an application in for a licence for a concert at the farm in September (around the time we’d usually do Pilton Party). Of course, we’ve no idea yet whether we’ll able to do that, but we wanted to get the application in to be in with a chance. Unlikely we’ll have any news for a couple of months – but will let you know right here when we do.
We’re also putting an application in for a family-friendly (ie not for partying!) campsite at the farm for this summer. Again, it’s not definite that it’ll go ahead but needed to set the early wheels in motion now.
It’s so good to dream up plans and hope that some of these things could potentially happen later this year…

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