/  Festival   /  ‘Back To Live’ festival took place last weekend

‘Back to Live’ festival was the seventh Fieldlab event, co-organized by the Dutch government and the country’s events sector, in order to find out if and how large-scale events can take place despite the pandemic.

The event took place last Saturday in Biddinghuizen, in the Netherlands, and didn’t look much like a scientific experiment: more than a thousand people dancing, not keeping their distance, nor wearing masks.

Ravers had their temperatures taken at the entrance to the festival, and had to show a negative PCR test result.
Also, they all got a sensor to wear around their necks tracking their movements.

Event participants will be tested five days after the event.
So far, the results from the first six events have been encouraging: out of more than 6,000 people who attended these events so far, only five might have been infected during or around the time of the events.

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