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In 2020, vinyl record sales passed CD sales for the first time since the 1980s, according to the annual report from the Recording Industry Association.

📈 Vinyl sales were up 3.6 percent

📉 CD sales were down 47.6 percent

Owners of local record stores said the trends have been apparent, and they point to the coronavirus pandemic as the primary reason.

Discogs reported in their annual The State of Discogs report that it was specifically online where vinyl sales were booming the most on the online marketplace for buying and selling music. Through Discogs alone, 11,961,998 vinyl records were sold in the last 12 months

At the top of 2020’s best-selling electronic vinyl releases was Peggy Gou‘s  ‘Moments’ EP, released in 2019 via Gudu Records, with Daft Punk, Portishead and Gorillaz also appearing in the top five.

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